Party Bookings - Terms & Conditions


A deposit of €54.00 may be required by your entertainer and a minimum of 30 days in advance of the event. If a deposit hs been requested, no agreement comes into existence with Kids Party Club Limited or their franchised representatives and no booking will be confirmed until such time as the deposit has been paid. In the event that a booking is made within 30 days of the event, full payment will be required up-front in order to secure the booking unless otherwise agreed with the Kids Party Club. The deposit payment may be made by sending a cheque or postal order to your KPC representative. The full anount or the outstanding balance may be made to the performer on the day of (but prior to the commencement of) the scheduled event.

Cancellation of an event must occur by way of notice in writing. Where such notice is provided to Kids Party Club Limited more than 30 days in advance of the event, 50% of the booking deposit paid will be refunded. No deposit will be refunded where cancellations are made less than 30 days before the scheduled event.  Kids Party Club Limited reserve the right to cancel any event and bear no responsibility for such cancellations, howsoever arising, which are caused by circumstances which are outside its control. In such circumstances, customers will be entitled to a full refund of all monies paid.

Within ten days of receipt of the booking deposit, your Kids Party Club representative will provide the client with a letter of confirmation of the booking. In the event that such documentation is not received within ten days, the onus is on the client to inform Kids Party Club Limited of this fact. In circumstances where a booking has been made less than fourteen days before the scheduled event, or where the customer fails to inform Kids Party Club Limited that the documentation has not been received, Kids Party Club Limited shall accept no liability or responsibility for the loss or delay of arrival of the booking confirmation letter.

Kids Party Club Limited requires the provision of a suitable and appropriate area for the performance. This area must be available to Kids Party Club Limited a minimum of 30 minutes immediately prior to the performance. A 2m 2 area is required for the performance booth and sufficient floor space should be allocated to allow a 1.5 metre gap between the booth and the children’s seating area. The floor space which will comprise the seating area and dance floor space should be free from all sharp objects and hazards such as tables, loose rugs, free standing ornaments, breakable items  and should allow sufficient room for the children to dance and to sit on the floor comfortably. An electrical socket must be available no more than three metres distance from where the booth will be positioned. Kids Party Club Limited or their franchised representatives will endeavour to ensure that all possible risks are minimised, by taping all trailing leads and wires, however, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the booth and electrical socket are sufficiently proximate so that the wires will not create a hazard when plugged in.

Scheduled performances must commence at the appointed time. Kids Party Club will accept no liability or responsibility for delays which are caused by a failure or delay in preparing or making available the performance area, delays which are created by the supervising adults or by children attending the event. Where such delays arise, Kids Party Club reserves the right to curtail the length of the performance in order for the performer to be on time for their next scheduled performance. It is the responsibility of the parent(s), guardian(s), party hosts and/or adult(s) in charge of the party to supervise children and ensure their safety at all times. Children are not permitted to interfere with the sound system, lighting system or any other equipment and supervisors must ensure that all children, by their conduct, do not create a danger to themselves or to others.

Kids Party Club Limited reserves the right to alter, amend or change elements of the party package and/or show, which have appeared in promotional material or which have appeared on the website . Alterations may include but are not limited to the following:- stickers, tattoos, gifts, invitations, show and disco content. Kids Party Club Limited will endeavour to ensure that any alterations or amendments which are made will not affect the nature, quality and high standard of services which Kids Party Club Limited seeks to provide.