"I really enjoy this business. Everytime you go into a house they go 'WOW'. It's so professional and good."

Monique Jolly
Franchisee Dublin/Wicklow

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Start Your Own Business

Well done. We're proud of you.

But in all seriousness, that is just about all you have to be able to do to become a Kids Party Club franchisee. We're not saying that you have no talent to entertain. It's just that you don't need any!

You see, all the story lines and disco are professionally pre-recorded. All you have to do is operate the right puppet at the right time and basically open and close their mouths. It's that simple.

Have a quick look at what some of our existing franchisees have had to say about us in the Press - Click Here

However, just because the show delivery does not present a great challenge for most people, does not mean that most people will become a Kids Party Club franchisee. Just as important is attitude. You may have put sour milk on your cornflakes that morning and run your cat over on the way to the party, but if you can't smile and exceed the client expectations when you arrive on site, the Kids Party Club is not for you.

("I can't contain myself - take me straight to the enquiry form!" CLICK HERE)

Click below to see our *Oscar winning promotional DVD
*category: best use of cloth and foam based animation in a warm environment

note: you may need to click TWICE (one to activate the control and the other to play)

We provide:

  • A state of the art professional sound and lighting system
  • An easy to assemble stage system
  • Unique Puppet characters
  • Unique Story lines
  • Magic tricks
  • Training in show management and delivery
  • Help with bookings and admin – both initially and on-going
  • A detailed operations manual
  • Sales material including leaflets and posters
  • A state of the art web site

This business can be either a full or part time proposition for you. Most parties will take place at the weekends or during the evening. We also have educational shows (themes such as bullying, healthy eating, reading, etc.) for schools and obviously this opens up a daytime market for the enterprising franchisee.

Our franchise does not require a lot of capital to get involved or indeed a lot of working capital thereafter and we will give you everything you need to get started. It really is a great opportunity to access a huge market in a fun environment and be your own boss.

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