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About Shows


The entertainment starts with some cool kids magic tricks followed by a brilliant and unique puppet show and then a fun kids disco during which your entertainer will interact with the children, encouraging them with the dances to the kids favourites like the Macarena, Simple Simon Says, the Birdie Song and so on. There are also more chart oriented discos for older children. The overall show lasts approximately 75 minutes. An extended disco is available if you require the entertainment to last for longer.

The Party Shows generally work a bit like a pantomime - Nice and simple for the kids to understand but with a little sub-text to amuse the odd adult who may be watching.

The puppets are beautiful large scale full-body hand puppets and the voices are varied and very funny. Because the shows are pre-recorded they also have a layer of sound effects and music which really adds to the enjoyment.

In addition to the shows outlined below, we always have several shows in development and we continually add to our entertainment.

We also have Kids Party Club tatoos/transfers for the kids. They last a few days but are easy to remove with baby oil and the kids absolutely love them. Go on don't be a spoil sport!

The sound and lighting system we use are top of the range and you could just as easily find similar equipment being used at the next function you attend!

Your participation will be required throughout to help with the childrens' safety and comfort.

Take a look at a few puppet show snippets

Hopefully you'll get a flavour of our unique puppet shows from these clips. They don't have kids in them (sadly, it's trickey these day putting video and images of kids on website) and of course they are the magic ingredient in all of this. Also, please be aware that not all our our operators perform all of these shows.


The Party Shows

Silly Billy Monkey Boy - is all about Billy who hates going to bed and decideds to go for a walk one night when he should be asleep. Needless to say, things take a turn for the worse when he meets Boris the evil magician. In fact he turns Billy into a monkey. But never fear, help is at hand in the shape of kindly old lady called Alicia and the good magician, Bjorn The Beautiful (there may be more there than meets the eye!). In the end good triumphs over evil and everyone is happy - except maybe Boris. All the way through there are lot's of opportunities for the children to interact with the characters. Oh no there's not. Oh yes there is!

Little Red Riding Hood - No need for explanations here I hope. Of course we put our own twist into it and bring in Winston the Wizard to lend a hand as only he can. Great fun all round for the younger kids - up to about 6 yrs or so.

The King and the Donkey - a medieval feel to this one. Mean ol' King Gerald throws hard working Shane and his Mom and Dad off the farm and out of their cottage for some misdemeanour. The little boy Shane teams up with a Crazy Donkey who thinks he's a horse and the funny Wizard, Winston, who owns him and together they save the day.

Singing Competition - Michelle is a great little singer and she's entered a singing competition in her school, but she's up against a tough and rather unpleasant opponent in Tara McGrath. All is going well until poor Michelle develops a sore throat. Never mind, Dr. Moody will be able to save the day - or will he? Seeking to juxtaposition the collapse of our healthcare system with the simultaneous rise of the corporate pharmaceutical giants, this parody of ............. actually no, that's simply not true. Poor ol' Dr Moody is a bit hard of hearing and thinks Michelle has a sore goat! This leads to a bit of confusion and the necessary intervention of a retired Fairy Godmother who is now a Fairy Grandmother. In a nail-biting finale Michelle gets her voice back, loses it again, gets it back again and .......... well I won't spoil it for you.

The Pirate Show - Adam loves his little pirate action figure but some people like to call it a doll! A doll indeed! This doesn't go down to well with Adam so shiver me timbers when the little pirate magically turns into a great big living pirate called Pete you better watch out.



Educational Shows
(Please note: These shows are priced seperately to our Party Shows)

News Flash | Our Bullying and Reading shows are now available as gaeilge. Tá sé go h-iontach.

The synopsis of the english language show can be seen below. The version as gaeilge is basically the same, although Bookey Wookey, the talking book, becomes Larry Leabhar. Have a look at the preview of this 35 min show.



Bullying Show - Educational show for schools - This 40 min show seeks to help children recognise and deal with bullying and bullies. We have performed this show in many schools all over the country and it is very well received. It is suitable for fourth class and younger. The children really get involved and there are many light hearted moments along the way. The problems of the bully and the bullied are resolved and the show ends on an upbeat and positive note.

Healthy Eating Show - Educational Show for schools - A 35 min show in which we make, what can be quite a boring topic for children, fun and interesting with an array of great characters.

Little Charlie is constantly getting colds and generally feeling below par. He goes to see Dr. Moody who explains about healthy eating and living and tells him that a 'Food Expert' will be in school that day to give them a talk about healthy eating. Unfortunately, the 'expert' is the horrible Mushey McSplodger, the MD of Nearly Real Foods Ltd., who tells them all sorts of nonsense and tries to get the kids to eat his terrible food. However, the teacher, Ms Guerin-Hockedy, is having none of it and she gets her uncle Barty, the wizard, to come to the school and make McSplodger tell the truth. Then she brings Dr Moody and his friend Jeffe El Cheffe (the famous Spanish chef) in to explain to the children what they should really be doing. The show is great fun and yet clearly communicates all the key messages in a positive and memorable way.

Reading Show - Educational Show for Schools and Libraries

Booky Wooky our talking book

As an activity for children, good old fashioned reading has a lot of competition these days! The fight backbegins with this 35 min show!

This story is called; The Town With No Stories. In this town the Mayor is also the same man that owns the local battery factory. To ensure that all the boys and girls would ‘waste’ no time reading story books and use lots and lots of his batteries in their PSP’s and DX’s and music players and toys, years ago he ordered that all the story books were removed from the local library and he banned all story books from the shops and even from the schools. Most of the children in the town had never even seen a story book!

One day, on a visit to the library, local boy Jack discovers Booky Wooky (he talks!), hiding amongst the empty shelves. On his first meeting with Booky, Jack is not that interested in what he has to say but when all the batteries run out due to a problem at the battery factory, Jack returns with his friend Lauren to find Booky and after tracking him down, Booky introduces them to some of the exciting characters that live on his pages.

The Big Bad Wolf claims that he is a reformed character and is on his best behaviour! Pete the Pirate is all shiver me timbers and full of promises of buried treasure and adventure on the high seas. Princess Tamara is actually in the middle of marrying Prince Snottyface when we meet her but she is fairly sure that her true love, Prince Handsomechops will come to her rescue. Meanwhile, Winston the Wizard makes an appearance and just as well because he is needed to see off the evil Mayor, when he returns to banish Booky!

Our story unashamedly champions the cause of the story book and at one stage, when Winston the Wizard enlists the children’s help to see off the Mayor, he has the children chanting, “Leave Booky alone, we want to take him home”