About Kids Party Club

We were founded in 2006.


Most parents we know, ourselves included, struggle to find new party entertainment of a consistently high quality for our children's parties. We felt it was about time something was done about it.

So we developed the model for the Kids Party Club. Basically, high quality, unique puppet shows coupled with a puppet disco. Because the shows are professionally pre-recorded the entertainers don't have to have any particular entertainment talent, which allows many more people to get involved in the Kids Party Club 'family'. Which in turn means that, if there isn't already one, there will be a Kids Party Club entertainer near you in the very near future. Maybe, you would even fancy it yourself?

Kids Party Club - Educational

There are many pressures on primary schools these days to deliver learning on topics outside of what would have been considered the mainstream subjects. Social, personal and health educational (SPHE) topics - covering areas like Bullying and Healthy Eating, to give you two examples, are now firmly on the curriculum. We produce fun, informative and memorable educational shows on these topics and more and deliver them to schools, clubs and organisations who need help with getting across these tricky or sensitive messages. Click here to go through to our Educational Site.

So, Who Are We?

James Sexton is an entertainment veteran and has been producing shows, disco's and entertainment for kids, individuals and businesses for about 15 years. He co-created the hit RTE show, The House of Love, and recently appeared in an episode of Kilnaskully. James also wrote and produced a comedy series for RTE radio 1, called 'Big Mother'. He's as mad as a goat and has he has three kids.

has two kids and comes to the Kids Party Club from a business perspective but with two kids who demand made-up stories - "out of your mouth daddy"- every night he feels well qualified for the job. He's the better looking of the two and a steadying influence on the the giddy James (guess which one of us is writing this!).

Both of us are just big kids at heart and thoroughly enjoy the Kids Party Club experience - maybe a bit too much! We decided we needed a grown up to help us run and grow the business so it reaches its enormous potential (but we got Alan instead!).

Alan Sheehan came on board in 2007 and is now a director, shareholder and General manager - how did he manage that! Having held a senior position in Diageo for many years he brings the necessary business nouse and organisational skills to the business. Just as importantly, he is a lovely man. He has one little boy called Kevin. We'll eventually find a decent picture of him to put up here - but that could take some time!

Our ambition is to produce great party and educational shows for kids and to build a great team, who can perform the shows throughout the country - and maybe even to infinity and beyond.